Flexible Formations Defending

Flexible Formations Defending

Flexible Formations - Defending

How to change your formation in the middle of games

Here is what you will find in this guide:

  • Head Coach, Julian Nagelsmann and why he's different
  • Why their wingbacks provide defensive solidity and allow an attacking front three
  • How they always look to have a numerical superiority in between the oppositions lines
  • The German style of high pressure defense that is a major part of their success
  • Why they prefer to build up patiently and don't counter-attack after winning possession
  • The stats that show they get 13 more attacking opportunities per game with this attacking style of play

RB Leipzig change their formations from the 3-5-2 to 5-3-2 to 3-3-2-2 to 3-4-3 and more...all in one game if needed.

Head Coach, Julian Nagelsmann has transformed RB Leipzig and turned them into one of Germany's top teams. His tactical innovations include fluidity and flexibility for his team to change their playing formation during games depending on the situation.

Flexible Formations - takes an in-depth look at Julian Nagelsmann and RB Leipzig and the innovative tactics that have fueled their success.

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