FineSoccer Coaching Bible

FineSoccer Coaching Bible

It's true! You can now gain instant access to the "FineSoccer Coaching Bible"... an all-in-one coaching program packed with innovative training techniques taught by youth soccer coaching expert Lawrence Fine to over 40,000 soccer coaches from around the world!

Are you struggling to make youth coaching sessions more invigorating and challenging? Are your players bored of running through the same tired old drills, week after week? Are you stuck for ideas on how you can improve your team's performance and take them to the next level?

Well, worry no longer: The FineSoccer Coaching Bible (10 videos and 6 eBooks) is a comprehensive youth soccer coaching program that contains everything you need to transform your training sessions. Using the latest innovative soccer drills and training techniques, the FineSoccer Coaching Bible is a training program designed specifically for young players and shows you how to deliver more inspiring and effective soccer training sessions.

The FineSoccer Coaching Bible has been created and written by Lawrence Fine – an expert on youth soccer with 25 years of experience coaching youth teams. Over 40,000 coaches from all over the globe use his soccer drills which are now collected together and available in this special all-in-one coaching program.

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