EPL Zonal Defending Videos

EPL Zonal Defending Videos

Unlock the secrets to how English Premier League teams create wall like defenses and force the opposition to shoot from distance in this comprehensive 16-part video series

I hope you’re sitting comfortably because this video series runs and runs! English Professional League Zonal Defending features a complete and extensive 16-part video seminar on how to train your team to replicate the wall like defenses of the best English Premier League teams. Comprising of 16 videos spanning several hours in length, this special video series provides arguably the most comprehensive video guide yet on training the zonal defense.

Zonal defending is used by teams all over the world, but few play it as effectively as the English Premier League sides. Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea are renowned throughout Europe for having some of the toughest defenses to get past. Now you can unlock the secrets on how English teams create wall in front of their goal and how you can create one of your own to keep opposition players outside of the box and reduce the risk of goal scoring opportunities.

English Professional League Zonal Defending features a complete coaching session from start to finish, filmed at a WORLD CLASS COACHING International Coaching Seminar. Former Manchester United U18 coach David Williams covers every aspect of the zonal defense system, from theory and mindsets through to practical drills and team training.  Get instant access when you place your order and you can be watching these videos within minutes.

Starting with drills for coaching the back four through to incorporating the midfield, defending as a team and then ending with systems of play and tactical adjustments, this special video series is comprehensive in its analysis of training a zonal defense. The result is that you will have a complete set of drills for improving the zonal defensive qualities of your team so you can force opposition teams to try their luck from outside the box and protect your lead until the final whistle.

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