Dutch Shooting and Finishing Videos

Dutch Shooting and Finishing Videos

Now you can discover how to train your team to score goals like the high scoring Dutch National Team! Dutch Shooting and Finishing is a video series featuring a complete coaching session on turning your team into a goal scoring machine. Discover a complete series of drills for building your team’s familiarity and technique at getting the ball into the box and into the opponent’s goal.

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Do you dream of having an attacking strike force like the the Dutch National Team with Van Persie and Robben? Forwards who know exactly where to play the ball for other players to run onto and score? The Dutch are renowned for their highly attacking style of play and creativity at getting the ball into the box. Now you can discover how to replicate the way in which they and elite teams train to score goals in this special video series.

Dutch Shooting and Finishing features a complete training session focused on building the awareness and familiarity your players need to get the ball into the final third and through on goal. Led by Dutch coach Jan Pruijn, the drills in the video series will develop your players’ passing, ball control, pace and finishing so they can become more potent goal scoring machines.

From one touch passing to laying the ball off to crossing and shooting, this video series shows you how to improve your team’s attacking power so you can score more goals and win more games.

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