Dutch 433 Build From the Back Videos

Dutch 433 Build From the Back Videos

Watch a Complete Coaching Session on How to Build from the Back and Harness the Unpredictability and Attacking Options of the Dutch 4-3-3

Are you a fan of the Total Soccer style of play? Then you’ll want to watch this special video series focused on how to develop the instincts and styles of play to build attacks from the backline.  It features a complete training session on how to improve your team’s buildup play with this highly attacking formation and build attacks like the elite sides do.

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We all know how devastating the 4-3-3 formation can be. It continues to be harnessed by highly attacking teams, such as Barcelona, Manchester United and Chelsea, to create scoring opportunities in abundance. But it can be tricky organizing training sessions that build your players’ understanding of how to play it as effectively as elite sides.

Dutch 4-3-3 Build from the Back features a complete coaching seminar led by Marco Koolman from the Netherlands. In the session he explains exactly how he develops league winning teams to be able to build from the back and to link with the midfield and frontline.  Get instant access when you place your order and you can watching these videos within minutes.

In this video series you see the fundamentals of the 4-3-3 explained and demonstrated by the participating players. This includes how to link the defense with the midfield, how to make your midfield positions more fluid and less predictable and how to create channels to get the ball to the third man.

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