Developing a Possession Style of Play Videos

Developing a Possession Style of Play Videos

Watch Florida State Head Coach, Mark Krikorian in action and gain a blueprint for creating your own possession style of play
Get your players passing AND keeping the ball! Developing a Possession Style of Play is a video series that shows you how to run passing, receiving and possessions drills that give your players more touches than conventional sessions.

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Teams like Spain, Arsenal, Barcelona and others are well known for their possession style of play.  Their success is no surprise because the obvious fact is that the more possession you have the more chances you can create to score goals AND the few chances your opponents will have to score goals.  In order to be a team that can maintain good possession and be able to transition smoothly from defense to attack, you need to structure your training sessions so your players get as many as 200+ touches every time and your team gets to build an understanding together.

For any coaches wishing to improve their team’s passing, these videos provide the blueprint to copy. Developing a Possession Style of Play gives you a virtual seat to watch a progressive training session in action. Led by Florida State Women’s Head Coach, you can see how a complete progressive passing session can be taught to improve your team’s passing and receiving, and their ability to control the game.

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