Coaching Vision and Awareness Videos

Coaching Vision and Awareness Videos

Get your players thinking and playing with their brains so they know what to do with the ball before they receive it and play with vision and awareness

Finally, a video series on developing the soccer brain! Coaching Vision and Awareness features a complete coaching seminar on developing your players’ situational awareness so they think and pass the ball quicker. The drills in this video series will have your players checking their shoulder, running with their heads up and playing smarter, leading to more possession and more goals.

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The game of soccer might look as though it’s played with the feet. But playing it effectively actually occurs due to what’s happening in the brain. It comes from knowing where to play the ball, being able to gauge where there’s space to move into and finding that killer pass. Training players to develop their soccer brains can be difficult to achieve with conventional technical drills. That’s why you need to run sessions that build situational awareness, better decision making and get players thinking more about what to do with the ball.

Coaching Vision and Awareness is a video series focused on developing the soccer brain. Presented by West Ham United’s Assistant Academy Director, the videos feature the same drills used to develop the minds and decision making of elite EPL players, such as Joe Cole, Rio Ferdinand and Frank Lampard. The drills will teach your players to think more about where to play the ball and to know what they are going to play it before they’re even received it.

After harnessing the drills in Coaching Vision and Awareness in your own training sessions, your players will learn to play with their heads up, to check their shoulder before passing, to communicate and to pass more accurately. In fact, your players will develop all the characteristics of a team that is thinking more intelligently, leading to greater possession and goal scoring opportunities.

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