Coaching the Back Four Zonal Defending

Coaching the Back Four Zonal Defending

Discover how to create a solid defensive unit that will give your goalmouth an impregnability like Fort Knox

Wow, the video series defensive coaches have been waiting for has arrived! In Coaching the Back Four – Zonal Defending you will discover a complete training session for creating a rock solid and highly disciplined backline. It reveals a complete set of progressive drills that will give your players the technique, mindset and tactics to ward off any attack, winning more games in the process.

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Are you struggling to get your defenders playing as a unit? Do they keep chasing the ball like headless chickens, creating huge gaps for opponents to exploit with glee? If you’re fed of seeing your goalkeeper picking the ball out of the net, this is a video series you have to see.

Coaching the Back Four – Zonal Defending gives you a virtual pitchside seat as Elmar Bolowich demonstrates how he has amassed incredible winning records from building rock solid defenses. One of the most winningest coaches at two college teams, Bolowich has trained and deployed hardened defensive units for over two decades, which create a near impenetrable wall in front of his goal.

In Coaching the Back Four – Zonal Defending you can watch a complete training session led by Bolowich, in which he demonstrates how to get your defenders better organised, more technically advanced and ready to turn your goalmouth into an area as impregnable as Fort Knox.

“These videos covers everything, from the ideal defensive stance to key principles of tracking back, keeping defensive balance and much more”

Smart decision making is vital for effective defending. Your players have to know what to do and the best time to do it in a huge variety of scenarios. Should they trackback? Use high pressure to force a mistake? Or hold the line?

Coaching the Back Four – Zonal Defending provides all the answers you’re looking for. Not only will you gain practical drills for building technique, but also priceless tips on the best tactics for smart defending. This includes how to ‘step, slide and drop’, how to hold the line, the ideal defensive stance and many more valuable tactics you can use to create the defensive base of a championship winning side of your own. Click here for more info.

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