Coaching Advanced Players

Coaching Advanced Players

This advanced soccer coaching program of 6 eBooks and 10 videos will give your players that extra 5-10% they need to develop them from being a 'talented' player to an 'elite' player

Now available - "The Complete Guide to Coaching Advanced Players" is a soccer training course specially designed to give players the extra challenge they need to take their skills to an advanced level.

It’s a can have the best systems of play and the best strategy, but if your players cannot perform technically then you have no tactical advantage. As the saying goes "there are no tactics without technique" and this is especially true of the soccer drills you use to develop your players.

Without advanced technical skills in passing, keeping the ball and decision making, your players will only achieve 50-80 percent of their full capacity. If you want to give them that extra 5-10 percent that will take them to an elite level you need to utilize advanced soccer drills and training exercises.

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