A Year in the Championship

A Year in the Championship

This one-of-a-kind book contains the actual training sessions that were conducted by the coaching staff of Millwall F.C. during their 2005/2006 season in the English Championship. Many of the sessions are accompanied by a description of the circumstances that surrounded them such as who the team was preparing to play or what corrections the coaching staff was making after their last game.

A Year in the Championship gives the reader a unique opportunity to review a seasons worth of training sessions by an English Professional Team. The sessions are organized into chapters by topic such as: Passing, Finishing, Team Play, Midfield Play, Wide Play, Defending and Fitness. This allows you to use this book as a reference for planning day-to-day training sessions for your team in addition to giving you a taste of live in an English professional team.

More than 150 easy-to-read diagrams illustrate the practices along with clear explanations of the important coaching points. This combination will enable you to use the practices with your team in a clear and effective way.

The sessions were conducted by then Millwall F.C. First Team Coach, Stephen Constantine. He holds the UEFA Pro License and is an FA Coach Educator and FIFA Coach Instructor. In addition to professional club experience, Constantine has been the National Team Coach of India and Nepal. He is currently the National Team Coach of Malawi.

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