40 Fun Games For Young Players

40 Fun Games For Young Players

Here is what you will find in this guide:

  • The differences between coaching young kids and older players and why they are critical
  • Why it works to substitute exercises/drills with fun games
  • How you can teach the game of soccer through fun games that kids love
  • This guide is jam packed with tons of fun games that your young players will enjoy time and again
  • Fun games for attacking, defending, shooting, passing, dribble and more
  • Why and how you should approach coaching young kids and fun games differently

Young kids consider technical exercises and drills boring.  In their mind, soccer is simply a game and a way to have fun.

40 Fun Games for Young Players explains why young kids learn better with fun games rather than drills/exercises.  Young kids need to experience playing soccer with fun games that include random situations so they can figure out solutions on their own.  Teammates and tactical stuff are important but are secondary at the young age.

Testing should be part of the sessions but not as a final judgement.  The bottom line is, coaching young kids should be approached much differently than coaching older players and this eBook explains why and how and is full of great fun games for young kids. 

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