35 Possession Rondos

35 Possession Rondos

35 Possession Rondos

Here is what you will find in this guide:

  • What are Rondos and an explanation of to include them in your training sessions
  • The vital key points you need to know when practicing with Rondos
  • The important benefits to coach and player when using Rondos
  • 35 Rondos that will help your players better keep possession
  • Single grid Rondos, two grid Rondos, three grid Rondos and four grid Rondos
  • Virtually unlimited progressions and variations that will improve the speed of play of your team

Keeping possession away from your opponents is critical in the success of any team. You only have to look at the top pro teams who dominate possession, which then leads to more goal chances and more wins.

35 Possession Rondos will give you new ideas so you can train your team to better keep possession. Using the Rondos from this eBook will improve the speed of play of your team, improve technical ability and with game-like situations, will give your players problem solving situations that will cause them to use their creativity.

Energize your training sessions...introduce possession Rondos and watch your team dominate the opposition.

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