30 Min Soccer Clinic - Building From the Back DVD

30 Min Soccer Clinic - Building From the Back DVD

30 Minute Soccer Clinic DVDs from WORLD CLASS COACHING provide quality instruction demonstrated in a condensed training session of approximately 30 minutes. However, the drills and exercises in this DVD can be conducted as a complete training session or utilized in your training sessions regularly throughout the season.

Maintaining possession in the defensive third and building up to attacking situations from there takes lots of practice and game-situation training to make your players comfortable keeping possession under pressure.

30 Minute Soccer Clinic - Building from the Back demonstrates a number of phase-of-play situations to train your team to be comfortable when in possession of the ball in the defensive third. These functional practices show different options and variations of how the defenders can link with midfielders and build up play from the back through the midfield and on to the forwards. Including these functional practices as a regular part of your training sessions will result in players being more comfortable on the ball and improve the possession play of your team.

This session was conducted at the Football Coaching International Coaching Conference, Brisbane, Australia.

Stuart McLaren - Former professional player in Australia who played on the Australian U20 National Team is now the coach of the Brisbane Strikers.

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