170 Small-Sided Games

170 Small-Sided Games

Wow, these will give your players’ feet and brains a workout! 170 Small-Sided Games is a collection of fast paced drills that keep players on their toes and their minds focused. Bring some technical wizardry to your team with this unique collection that replaces static training with more time on the ball for every player.

In today’s fast paced game, players have less space and time on the ball than ever before. If your players are too slow they risk passing to the wrong player or losing it altogether. So it’s vital to develop their ability to meet these challenges, with drills that will get their minds working faster than their feet.

170 Small-Sided Games features a collection of 170 small sided training drills specially designed to meet the demands of the modern game and to improve your team in every area. Whether it’s passing, tackling, dribbling or decision making, this book has a drill that will help you accelerate their improvements due to the pressure and number of touches players get from small sided games.

The game’s pace is increasing. If you want your team to keep up, you need drills that will improve their decision making and their technical ability. 170 Small-Sided Games is the perfect guide on how to do it.

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