Advanced 1v1 Training

Advanced 1v1 Training

Dominate Possession and Create a Team of Winners with Advanced 1v1 Training

If you want your players to win more 1v1 battles, it’s essential to conduct drills that develop their coordination, technique, reactions and many other skills. Advanced 1v1 Training reveals how to run progressive sessions that will help you to create a team of elite duelists able to dominate play all over the pitch.

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Here is what you will gain from this guide:

  • A comprehensive set of drills for training players how to bypass opposite players, gain space and find the goal
  • Drills are progression with detailed explanations, diagrams and options
  • Create players with better ball control, movement and technique
  • Training in advanced kinesthetic differentiation, static and dynamic balance, space-time orientation and rhythm
  • Enhance your players’ accuracy and speed of movements
  • Win more 1v1s, keep more possession and dominate play all over the field

Giving your players the skills and mindset to win more 1v1s can raise team performance in multiple ways. It will naturally increase your players’ confidence, enhance their technical abilities, improve their joy of playing and lead to greater possession and shots on goal. So if you want to create a team able to win duels all over the pitch and dominate more games, our eBook, Advanced 1v1 Training is the perfect guide on how to do it.


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