A Coachs Guide to Tactical Periodization

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A Coachs Guide to Tactical Periodization

Train to Win with the Revolutionary ‘Game Model’ Concept Taking the Elite Coaching World by Storm

A Coach’s Guide to Tactical Periodization is a unique guide on how to use the revolutionary concept of Game Models to create an entire season’s training that’s optimized for your team’s abilities, playing style and formation. Tactical Periodization is a secret weapon used by many of today’s elite coaches, and now you too can benefit thanks to the insights in this comprehensive guide.

Success on game day is directly linked to your success in training. Success in training comes from having a methodological approach that ties all your training sessions together. That way you can gain incremental improvements and players with a deeper understanding of how they’re expected to perform. This is known as the Game Model concept.

Game Models are now harnessed by top coaches all over the world to develop playing styles, rather than formations, and to build success through incremental steps. A Coach’s Guide to Tactical Periodization provides a comprehensive yet clear guide on how the Game Model concept works. More importantly, it explains how to use it to create a season long training schedule for your team.

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