40 Small-Sided Games

40 Small-Sided Games

40 Small-Sided Games

Here is what you will find in this guide:

  • What are the benefits of small-sided games
  • What type of small-sided games are best and when to use them
  • The importance of increasing and decreasing intensity with small-sided games
  • The importance of using neutral players and how to get the bet out of them
  • 40 small-sided games from 2v2 up to 9v9
  • How you can increase or decrease the playing area to get more success

Small sided games are an important part of the training session and will improve your players' creativity, reaction times and their ability to play under pressure in real game situations.g.

40 Small-Sided Games shows you how to setup a wide variety of small-sided games on the training field. Instead of the conventional 6 v 6 games played on half a pitch, this book details 40 different ways of playing small sided games from 2v2 up to 9v9 that will challenge and develop your players and bridge the gap between soccer drills and real games.

All coaches use small-sided games in their training sessions...this guide will give you even more great ideas that will energize your training sessions.

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