40 Possession Exercises

40 Possession Exercises

40 Possession Exercises

Here is what you will find in this guide:

  • 40 exercises and small-sided games to improve possession
  • A look at possession at various parts of the field
  • Direct play v possession play
  • How and why to play an effective possession style
  • How to disorganize the opposition with the 15-move sequence
  • The possession statistic that is more important than the % of time your team has possession

Maintaining possession can eventually lead to the opposition becoming more frustrated and prone to mistakes. If you control possession, you control the field and can analyze attacking options and dictate the play.

Lots of teams try to keep possession, but do so without a plan. Possession is is often kept at a slow pace and with no real purpose or direction. 40 Possession Exercises by Luca Bertolini shows how to coach players to have better vision, improve speed of play and to be able to pass the ball quickly and with as few touches as possible.

This guide is packed full of unique training exercises, rondos and small-sided games, all that are designed to help you add possession exercises to your training sessions and improve the ability of your players to handle real game situations.

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