30 Transition Rondos

30 Transition Rondos

30 Transition Rondos

Here is what you will find in this guide:

  • A look at the different transition phases
  • Why intensity is critical when practicing transition rondos and how to incorporate it
  • Rondos to transition from attack to defense and rondos to transition from defense to attack
  • How to use rondos to teach your players the importance of speed and rhythm when transitioning
  • Why and how your players should exploit the spaces around the ball when transitioning
  • Including all the progressions and variations, there are literally 100's of transition rondos packed into this guide

In every kind of football match, teams are involved in possession and non-possession phases of play, but in modern soccer, two intermediate phases are more decisive than possession or defensive phases: the transitions from defense to attack (a team wins the ball from their opponents) and the transition from attack to defense (a team loses the ball to their opponents).

To be successful, a good team will exploit the unbalanced defense of the opposition when the ball is won or to be able to close the space and to limit the passing options for the opposition when the ball is lost. The faster a team is able to react during the transition phases, the more successful it can be.

30 Transition Rondos explains how your team can take advantage of the many transition situations in a game and is packed full of 30 new rondos you can use to train your team to be experts when losing or gaining possession of the ball.

Energize your training sessions...introduce transition Rondos and watch your team dominate the opposition.


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